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Today i was playing with the codes and i come up with my another extension " Number2Words ". This extension will Help You in converting Numbers to Words. The extension has only one block & I don’t know if it’s useful or not. Kinldy download and use this extension, & if you found this useful then please let me know your views & suggestion in the comments below.

Example : 1999 = one thousand nine hundred ninety nine.


:arrow_down: Download AIX : com.cttricks.Number2Words.aix (8.6 KB)


What if it was possible to do that in multiple languages not only English?

Then you would have the problem of order.

21 = twenty one in English but (eenentwintig) one and twenty in Dutch for instance.

And what if you could do it the other way around. You have

one thousand nine hundred ninety nine

and it returns 1999

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Hello Sir i have used Google Language Translate service to return the input value in desired language. But i’m stuck at a point and want you to explain me that. As you said,
21 = twenty one in English but (eenentwintig) one and twenty in Dutch for instance. and i’m also getting the same thing in return eenentwintig is it correct or not? Please guide me through this.


yes eenentwintig is correct if you want to display 21.

Interesting. At the moment I have used the text-to-speech component to pronounce a number and possibly compensate for dialect or small speech errors, especially in the German version, “manually”. For example, by writing “Too” instead of Two. That’s what I built in my finished and pre-published app FS RANDOMS. Google needs his time …

I am searching for word 2 number

one thousand nine hundred ninety nine = 1999 can it be done?

Yeah i searching for it

I want to convert big numbers to text, is there any extension or coding example available?
i have already searched the forum and forum and found this but this only provide 5 numbers correctly but after that it shows result in foreign conversion value, i require Indian conversion vale. can anyone please help?


Can anyone please help me?

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The Extension Developer says:

I don’t see a reply from you stating the issue(s) your are facing.


thread has been moved… thank you @Ken

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I created these blocks to convert numbers to text

More here: YouTube