Cool login & signup screen

Here is my new design for login & signup screen with full of firebase authentication used.

Aia:login_ui.aia - Google Drive

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Nice work done by @msr79526, Keep it up :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Awesome …
Keep it up your good work @msr79526

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Thanks @ramrajput200021 & @Alapjeet, @ImranTariq

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Need some improvements

  1. Make signup button round(circular from both ends)
  2. Change forget password colour to blue or dark blue
  3. Textbox 1 hint needs to be Enter your email (change enter to Enter)
  4. Don’t italic the text
  5. Use any other font for welcome (see from )

Nice work again. Good luck with Koding


Give me some idea for next app (pdf creator)

No need idea for sign up/login screen.I create this according to fluter ui design app

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These type of apps are available at high rate on Google Play store.
If you want your app to be more popular. You will require to add many new features(given below)

1.Scan text from image and convert it to pdf file
2.Users can upload pdf files to your app and use it as a cloud storage
3.Pdf file editor
4. Open pdf file from internal storage
5. Storage manager

If you want me to create UI of your app in kodular. I will do for you after 2-3 weeks. Till that time complete your basic structure of app with more features.


You are right. I will try do

I want to ask you how you added pink shadow to cardview (which is in sign-up screen)

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It’s automatically created.shadows

I think FIREBASE ML kit could make life of your life

I did not understand what about you saying

Very Nice! U.I Design Is Also Nice!