Copied Variables Sync Changes To Each Other


I’ve noticed this issued spoken about in other topics but was not able to get an answer or perhaps my issue was not discussed.

My issue it I have two Variables:

  1. “Master_Dict”
  2. “Value_Copy”

“Value_Copy” is a copied dictionary of “Master_Dict”. When I update “Value_Copy” it also updates “Master_Dict”.

I assumed this was true when you directly set values from each other and fix the issue when you break them with a “copy dictionary” block. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case.

What I’m trying to accomplish is embedding keys in my dictionary with additional meta data I don’t want to view. I was deleting these keys from “Value_Copy” before setting them in my list view blocks, maintaining the data integrity in the “Master_Dict”. Unfortunately when I delete them from “Value_Copy” it is also reflected in “Master_Dict”. Is there a known link issue I should be aware of or a common mistake I might be making?

Side note, does anyone have a good reference for naming conventions? As a newbie I’m still trying to sort out the best books and references for this kind of work.

All help is greatly appreciated.