Copy files in android 11

i need to copy a file from storage to ASD…it works on android 10 and below versions…but it doesnt works on android 11…any solution?

Show your (relevant) blocks.
(Of course it works.)

its shows as bin file in ASD after copying in android 11.

related blocks:

Create a (as small as possible) test AIA and post it.

here is aia file

Test.aia (34.6 KB)

LGTM, should work.
Do you get any error messages?

Nothing…works on all versions below android 11…problem occurs only in android 11…

For me it works on my Android 11 test devices.
Post a screenshot (Screen1, APK).
Which device?

not working in Realme X2

Post a screenshot … after picking an image …

… add this

build APK, pick image and post screenshot

from android 11?

What are we talking about here? Of course … :upside_down_face:

Try this and post a screenshot (from your Android 11 device):
TestAndroid11_2.apk (5.3 MB)

Exactly, so where is the problem?