Copy Link From Webviewer

Is it possible that in webviewer a website is open in which a button goes to other link as we do in other browers to copy link
how to do it in web browser?

You can use this to get current URL: component_set_get

No man I am not asking
That everyone know​:sweat_smile:

I am asking that in an website there is button and you want to get its link (button link) as we do in others browsers
Is it possible
For eg:-

Currently This Is Not Available In Kodular

May Be In Next Update

What :sob: after hearing this​:sob: I am thinking why I am in this world :sob:

But np I got a special idea for it

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Don’t Worry I Can Not Suggest You To Attend Suicide :joy::sweat_smile:

No it’s not that
I thought other feature