Copy Paste Duplicate Not Working Show Error

hello from today when the update we got i found a error in kodular copy/paste things its not working. i dont know its just happen on me or for everyone. but when i copy/paste some of my labels,space,Arrangement and when i try to export the apk i got the error. please help me or fixed the issue or the error. THANK YOU

It’s a bug they are gonna fix it Check here

Please next time search the forum before asking any question.


Sure its my mistake sorry :pensive: :pensive:

You edit packages name so it is problem dont change package name

What :thinking: are you talking about

I say this name not change

What has package name with the error above to do NOthiNg

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The errors in the image in the original post are about duplicate declaration of specific components not about package name

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Yes package name change problem or any name change problem because same problem with me

See telegram group some photo

You don’t have a slightest idea what you are talking about

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See on advance property package name

When u add any aia file no change package name when app run

But same problem with me i not change package name when app was working

I don’t know

My app same problem when I try to and do it

When I not change package name when app was run I know this only

Can you show us the error code

I see same screen shot problem

My app problem see I think it is same problem

Post it then

That’s not the same


How is your error same with this?


Ok i understand this for my mistakes sorry