Copy-pasting blocks

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Describe your issue:

Crtl-C - Ctrl-V in blocks isn’t working (before the last update, I used to duplicate blocks clicking on them, then ctrl-C, and clicking ctrl-V to paste them as many times as I wanted). I know I can right-click a block, and then “Duplicate” it, but it’s much slower.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Just try to press ctrl + C, and then click ctrl + V (or cmd⌘+C - cmd⌘+V on Mac)

Expected Behaviour:

It should copy the selected blocks every time the user clicks ctrl-V

Actual Behaviour:

It just don’t make anything.

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What browser you are using. I tried with firefox. copy paste is working in it.

Yes. I tried it with Chrome and it works too!

I’m using Google Chrome on a Mac. It worked before the 3.0.1 update.

See here: