Copy screen error

@Makeroid, while I am here. May I ask why you added the Copy Screen feature, when youre literally Copying a screen and not making something new? I’m not pushing to remove it, it’s just a question.

Quick prototyping. You can have many similar but not quite the same screens.

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Did Any One Find a solution for this problem… even I am facing the same…

The feature has been temporarily removed due to bugs.


copying screen system is still now working., any idea when it will be back ?

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oh i see. fingers crosssed

This feature has been fixed and has been available for months.


I have same problem
Tell me plz what to do…???

Not working

Conor is already explained that.

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same error i m also finding now also

me too got same problem… i tried lots of time…its shows

Server error: could not copy form. Please try again later!

Same issue experienced today-now(19/05/2020 ), server error: could not copy form. Please try again later ! and so far I am unable to get this solved by myself - since beginning to till date (I have one of my app already published on play-store). I have done enough research (at least from my side) - maybe my fault i didn’t noted (in case if it is there), any help to fix this is a great help.
I am able to fix the issue by downloading aia and editing values after extracting it but is there any other - direct ways to do so? :thinking:

Thank You !

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I m facing same error

answer is simple ,

that you cannot copy screen1 anyway
so try to make screen2 and do that work there and then copy it will be copied …
but you cannot copy screen1 cuz its main screen .

Please don’t state something that isn’t true…


is it not true Boban ?

All screens can be copied.


but i can’t copy screen1 all time