Copyright or the like

Guys, I’d like to make a fun app using the Star Trek theme.
Can you use sounds and pictures of this theme?

Under what circumstances is it permitted? How to request authorization?

Thanks for any tip!

Daniel Alves.

Original in portuguese:

Pessoal, gostaria de fazer um app divertido usando o tema Star Trek.
Pode-se usar sons e imagens deste tema?

Em que circunstâncias é permitido? Como pedir autorização?

Obrigado por qualquer dica!

Daniel Alves.

You have to ask the owner.
In this case:

  • Paramount Pictures
  • CBS Television Studios

I’m pretty sure you can find such informations by yourself.
It took 5 seconds for me to got the answer with the help from google.


Sorry to have bothered you. But there were reasons to ask the way I did.
Anyway, thanks for your help.

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