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Corona News and Updates

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I created this app to make people aware about corona virus (covid-19)
It is updated daily
Its tells us about
What is corona
And more


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Download app=>
coronavirus.apk (7.8 MB)
please Tell me how it is and any update that is needed

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You have to work hard on User Interface…and perfection also.


Why don’t you add one more option…
That user can check no.
. Of active cases, no. Of deaths, case resolved etc … Of their country In your app

Nice Thanks I will Definately do it for sure

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Yup… But if you will not going to do that… Then i will try…

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as your wish but i am definately going to add that option

Ok… Best of luck…do it. @devanshvinayak9

Tried my new app i added your feature @Alapjeet_Singh_RK

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Yup I already… It’s really :heart_eyes: wow

I wish you are using it

I made it with hardwork

Please if you can share please share

###If we are one we can defeat corona
Please share it

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Obviously I am gonna share your app

Thanks I am waiting

You can share short link



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