Could not publish app on google play

Hi guys, I’m having a problem publishing app made by kodular on google play. This message appears:
“Right now, your app’s desired API level is 29. However, this level needs to be at least 30 for the app to use the latest APIs, which have security and performance optimizations. App API for at least 30".
In kodular it only has up to API 29. How can I solve this problem?

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Not being rude, but before posting take a look at the community… You may be able to change the API by changing the Manifest!
(How to customize the Manifest → example: Companion APK - #5 by bodymindpower)

I´m having same problem. This version was supposed to be available before playstore deadline, right?
What I want to know is when we can publish version 30 .AAB apps? I just got an account at playstore and I can´t publish my first app… It´s a bit frustrating.

Take a look here, it might help you!

Even if it is obb file I can do it?

Please help about APK Editor. It only handle APK files and playstore don´t accept It anymore. How do I can pack the app in .AAB extension with APK Editor?