Could you guys tell me why this code is'nt working?

Could you guys tell me why this code is’nt working ?
The sidemenu should be displayed when I click on the title bar back button na ? But it doesn’t appear :frowning:

You need to set visible true of Titlebar Back Button before using it anwhere.

I did that… this is just a part of the code. And the title bar back button is visible. When someone click on the title bar back button I want the back button to disappear… and there I want to display the sidemenu

Don’t think it’s possible to have both of them either one or the other


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In any case, as you’re doing, you’re initializing the side menu, you’re not opening it. To open the side menu use this block:

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It’s not about opening or closing the sidebar. Even if you are initializing a sidebar the menu button/navigation button should be displayed na ?

Pardonnez-moi, but your original question asked for something else.

As Boban said, you can’t have both (title back button and side menu) at the same time. But you can “play” with the side menu options (lock/unlock), eg:


And beware of this behavior (I’m not sure it’s a bug): Title Bar Back Button Clicked is not caught with a locked Side Menu Layout

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Thank you!

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