Title Bar Back Button Clicked is not caught with a locked Side Menu Layout

Describe your issue

Even reading the forum I did not understand if the following is a bug or the normal behavior. When I use the Side Menu Layout element, it is not possible to use the Title Bar Back Button Clicked event after locking the Side Menu Layout. In fact, by clicking the Back Button in the Title Bar, the (locked) Side Menu opens again.

Steps to reproduce the issue

In design: insert a Side Menu Layout.
In blocks: lock the Side Menu Layout and then show the Title Bar Back Button.

Expected Behaviour

Title Bar Back Button Clicked should catch the click on the Back Button on Title Bar.

Actual Behaviour

The locked Side Menu is opened.

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Android version

Android 8

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it happens to me also, but only in companion. the app crash

It happens to me also with the app installed via apk. At least on Android 8.

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Can you complete an apk please?

Sure @Daaniiieel.
Here’s the .apk file: testTitleBar.apk (4.9 MB)

And its .aia file: testTitleBar.aia (11.3 KB)

Tested just now on Android 6.0.1 (a vanilla Nexus 7 tablet): same problem.

Same here. Tested on a MI A2 Lite running Android 9.0 with the January security update

Fixed in Kodular Version 1.3B.1.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Good that it works now.
I just fixed the code without testing it like you did in your example :smiley:


Sorry @Mika, Actually, there’s still a little problem. If you set Show Title Bar Back Button to False with the Side Menu previously unlocked as below


then the Side Menu icon (baseline_menu_black_18dp ) is hidden.

The Workaround is simple:


Maybe it is intentional, I don’t know, however it might not be very clear at first. In any case, it is a minor problem.

Thanks again.

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i am not able to download this file, why?