Count Down Timer in AdMob block and unblock user system

Can anyone make a joint tutorial of these videos
==> User Block and Unblock System | How to Save Admob Account Invalid Activity
from #MySpecial_Tech_Support youtube channel
==> CountDown Timer Extension | Simple CountDown Timer App | Thunkable | Appybuilder | Makeroid
From #Deep_Host YouTube Channel

Please make a joint guide on the count down timer on screen1 (splash screen) . I mean that when a user blocks for a specific time and when he opens the app there should be the timer on splash screen (screen 1) for him to know how much time is left for his unblocking. I have shared a screen shot of my blocking on screen 1 (splash screen). How and where to use three highlighted blocks

Note. Use Your Own Firebase ID’s
Invalid_AdMob_Countdown (1).aia (64.0 KB)

Please show what you’ve tried so far.

blocking is working very well but I don’t understand that where to use countdown timer blocks to show the timer from its last click

both videos are in front of you