Countdown Extension now Open Source

Hi there,

Some of you may remember me from the Thunkable Community, I’ve been away due to my overuse injury but I’m still around the place!

Just wanted to share that my very first extension I coded is now open source, I’ve published it for those who would like to make updates, or extension developers who are just getting started and want to see some code in a working extension.

You can find all the info at the following link:


Welcome to Kodular Community,

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please Post Tutorial

Welcome to community, @lukegackle
Post some screenshots and tutorials.

i find this tutorial.


I’m not sure what you mean by posting tutorial, but you can find the documentation on the countdown extension at the following link Countdown Extension for Thunkable and App Inventor

If you have a look on my blog I also have tutorials on how to get started developing your own extensions if this is something that interests you.

I developed the countdown extension quite a while ago and this post is just an update to let you know that it is now open source.


I remember that extension and it had a problem, that did not differentiate between the hours AM and PM neither in format of 24hs…
Have you fixed it?

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Unfortunately due to my overuse injury it’s probably still an issue as I haven’t been able to develop much, but I welcome other developers to come and take a look at the code!


Please try to fix this issue if you can. It will be great for us

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