Countdown Timer by Pixii with Firebase

Hello Guys, anyone maybe trying to do Countdown Timer like “Pixii” “LINK”, but with using Firebase? I try do this, but have troubles with correct work. Any ideas about how to do this correct?

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Show us what your tried so far…

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Show what is not work correctly :confused:


Hello again, sorry for my absence.
I can’t say that timer doesn’t work, because it work, but not as it should be.
When i do task and countdown timer is begin running, after reopen app…

  1. Sometimes is ok, showing timer like should be, another time, to left time is added few mins, it is randomamouta of mins, one time is 2mins else 1 or 5 mins. Next time is yet different, the counter is kind of reset and counts the time from the beginning.

I thinging that the issue is somewhere in Countdown timer set of blocks or in get value,
See at images:


Get value:

I can send all of my block sets but it is hard to read becuse all sets are scattered chaotically.

Thanks in advance for help.

Within which blocks do you have this ?

Into firebase get value ?
You can show firebase structure “only”
EDIT: Ohhh !!! i see (or so i think) If you want to do exactly the video, please watch the video at 11:13, your blocks don’t match …

If i have right, You say about this part of blocks,
When i trying with this set, app showing error " Select list item: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1: [[“1597937804”]]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds."

Error is because you want to select index 2 from the list and the length of the list is 1
Read this tutorial, i hope help you !!

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