Counter goes beyond the limit of the elements given by the selected list

Hi guys I have a problem according to me the following blocks should do the following function:

For each item that is on the “test” list, it must be notified as many times as the amount.

According to my list:

If the list used in the presented blocks has 11 elements, the ID block must be added 11 times, and therefore it must show me the message of the notified up to the number 11, but instead it tells me that the ID that sum has 121.

Annex images:

The problem is that it counts up to 121 and not up to the total number of elements that are actually in the list, which is a total of 11. What am I doing wrong?

@ElMaxicero4 if you want to get the sum then why are you using a loop for it
Directly set the length of your list to your ID variable like this


I am using dynamic components and I want to add the component id every time. But I would like to know where the value of 121 comes from, if the list is 11 elements long. Doesn’t that seem strange to you?

Maybe it strange​:thinking:
But As far I understand your GotValue event is occurring again and again so it is showing 121

I tried breaking it, using that until the variable ID would be equal to the length of the list then it was broken with the “break” block, but it didn’t work, kept counting and adding the ID.

Just set ID_insignias to 0 each time you recreate the dynamic components.

if I do this, the first component of my dynamic components will be updated and will not build the other 10 that remain.

ID_insignias is what I use as the ID number for the dynamic components.

@ElMaxicero4 It is not strange as you said
I used these blocks and get the result that you are expecting


In your blocks it is returning 121 this means you have recalled the same procedure 11 tiumes

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Friend and where do I put the dynamic component blocks, if where I put them was inside the loop.


The blocks above are the same mechanism that I want to implement in which it shows me an error, but this one works for me and the one that presents the problem does not :c

Something strange happens here, when I run the get value from Firebase it makes me 121 processes. But when I run the loop block by itself if it loops for me 11 times.

What’s up there?