Cpu information

Cpu information
How to get this type information in kodular app please help me.
Look the image

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A suggestion :
1- First, look in the Kodular components.
2- if you find it, resolved :+1:
3- if you don’t find , you will have to search how to do it with an extension.

Or , search in comunnity

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If someone is making extension then you can use this class, I’ve written this code some weeks ago for my app in android studio…

@oseamiya Can I compile this extension and do changes ? As this is open source ?? Asking

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Sure… You can …
It is an open-source device information library made by me some weeks ago … You can use any part of that library with or without any credits…

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Hi @Aditya_Nanda,

I’m sorry to inform you that you can’t use @oseamiya’s source. The reason that is, is because the repository doesn’t have a license informing you of what can be done with the source. Without a license, not only does it not inform you of what can be done, but it also means that anyone can do anything with the source code without any consequences. If you’d like to use the source, I recommend @oseamiya first upload a license to GitHub, whether it be GPL-3.0-only (which would require your changes to their source be public) or MIT.


:octopus: Nathan


@hammerhai Thank You So Much i will Ask @oseamiya About this

Thankyou @hammerhai . Added a MIT license, @Aditya_Nanda


Sure, I will try to make aix for it soon

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