Crashes on application

(DjJohn) #1

I’ve koded an app…
Unloaded on Play Store… Now play console shows a lot of crash report like this

Reason behind it?
Any Solution?

(Philipp Lang) #2

and how do you think that we can help you, you have to show us your blocks or anything else. We dont have x rays eyes and make a look into the forum and bababababm we see the solution / the problem / and how to solve it. Show us you report of your troubles and maybe the block editor with a small description what your app should do .

(Pavitra Golchha) #3

You can ignore those.

(DjJohn) #4

Sorry for that :worried:
I think perhaps you know why IlligalStateException crash occures…
Unfortunately you don’t know :thinking:

(Nathan) #5

Don’t worry about it as @pavi2410 said. Kodular recieves the crashes that happen, through Fabric as you can see below the error Fabric.singleton. It seems to be a crash with the Fabric SDK but, should be fixed soon.

(DjJohn) #6

My app is running smoothly… All I wanted is to know about the crash report naming IllegalStateException…
And of course ,I’m going to ignore it… Thanks @pavi2410 @Nathan5226 :metal:

(محمد إبراهيم) #7

i have the same problem in my apps

(Nathan) #8

No need to comment that you have the issue too. Im sure they got bug reports.