Create a List Issue from JSON parsing

I am creating a list based on parsing a JSON. The parsing is accurate, however when I do a key pair lookup in the list I get a malformed list error.

I am clearly doing something wrong. Can someone help correct this ship sailing into the reefs.


Try making a json list by adding a [pairs inside here] instead of using the Make a list Function because you can’t do look up in pairs from a list other than a decoded json

But i am decoding it here through the function that is called, and the contenst are showing in a ListViewers

I am calling 20 or so elements and the are all being called properly. It is when i want to recallr them from a list function I am having an issue. Thie list as I said is howing properly in ListViewer.

What are you Trying to do? Which is the Response? Is it from an API Or…

Read that post from me there you find a smple method to decode json and put the data into a list view

Hello @Abhijith_Dominic

Yes this is from an API. I will message you the AIA as it has some API keys.

There are about 240 objects in the API , and I need about 20 or 30 of them. My process is working, and the lists I am creating are showing up in listview, I just cant query them, as I get a wierd error about the list not being “well-formed”.

I need these API values for 2 different queries. This AIA I am sending you is just me testing how to get those value.

Can you take a look and help me out?