Create a rating in the form of text

Hallo, I am looking in the community it seems that people only discuss the rating in the form of stars, no one discusses in the form of text, I know if this can be done, that is, raitng in the form of text is not a star.
Screenshot 2022-05-11 194436

Have you tried this? But this will return 0.5x times only. I mean 2 or 2.5 like that and not in 4.8 or 4.9

I don’t understand the flow of discussion on the topic, but here I only display rating numbers only not stars from ratings, because the kodular only gives a rating component in the form of stars and does not exist in the form of labels so I look for it in the community, in fact I just want the rating to be displayed in the form of numbers such as, 1.2 1,1 2,8 2 3.5 4.8 or rating 5, I don’t make a specific number on a rating, and let that rating display its value

Create a custom one. For example add a star image and when clicked popup a custom dialog with a slider to set value. Once value set close dialog and set label’s text to slider’s value

I just want to make it like what I gave in the picture above

Like this ?

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yes like that, how do you do it

Using [UPDATE] Free Alpha Dialog | Transparent Dialogs, Custom Toasts and much more



I’ll try it, thank you for helping

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after i tried it this is not what i expected, because i want comparison to all users who gave the rating then the average will be calculated, this is the same as calculating the star rating in kodular only i want to use text to replace the star

but I’ve found what I was looking for, thanks for helping me

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