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Hi I’m new here, I’m creating an app for women protection. It should trigger if they say specific word such as help. How to create a trigger where it listens outside of the app and triggers the button (where i have specifed to search the nearest police station. ps this part i have done.)

You could try

together with

EDIT: this might be helpful, too…


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I have done the speech recognition part. but now im having two main issue:

  • Separate database where it saves 2 types of content which is the emergency contact details and report where everytime the app triggers save the data of current location and time. (Im having data conflict where the report data is showing in the emergency contact viewer. PS. im using tinydb for this)

  • Im not sure on how to make the app listen when the app is closed. Meaning i want it’s procedures to run in the background and work same as normal when the app is open

Use 2 TinyDBs with different namespaces

Try the itoo extension
But first read the complete itoo thread and try the example projects to lear how the extension works, see also Battery checker reminding you to unplug when fully charged - Tutorials and Guides - MIT App Inventor Community


Let me try and will get back to you. tnx for the info

alright im facing a small issue where i want to set a list of trigger words for the speech recogniser to detect folow procedure. im using join text but is it a wrong approach?

If you want to find out, if an item is in a list, use the is in list block from the list drawer


I tried using the word triggers in a variable or just staight to the block. it didnt work. is there a mistake? i also tried true logic

No need to use the compare block.
Just use : IsInList „result“

oh wow, I’m making things complicated. lol it works tnx so much

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