Create an app to chat privately

Can you help me create an app that sends messages for me privately. For example, you know that amazon has a live chat for customer support, I would like to create this so it works that a customer sends me a message and I help him by chatting with him. Can you help me create it (No = email, No = sms)

Have you read the documentation? Have you searched the forum already? Have you tried to start your app?
Show what you tried so far.

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yes I had already tried it but a tutorial of how to create a chat app is not the same as what I have described. So can you help me?

You created the exact same topic on the Thunkable forum at about the same time. I have replied pretty much the same as Italo above. Now I’ve come across this topic here.

Stick to one builder please.

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Ok thank i solve

A Chat Demo with App Inventor 2 and PubNubTM



thanks taifun.

taifun you can give me the aia of that app

You can find it on the page he gave you the link to. Did you really look?

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ah sorry I hadn’t seen him. thank you

taifun i haven’t been understanding how this app works for an hour, should i put the Publish Key of the site in the blocks? or I just have to change the Channel in the blocks and put the keyset in it

Have you subscribed to PubNub? If yes replace the demo keys and channel provided by @Taifun PuraVida to yours


no man i haven’t subscribed to pubnub yet. I tried to put pubkeys and subkeys, but I don’t know what to put on channel

after I put the channel name in the blocks how will I continue? should I use my site to chat with my customers?

This is a simple example of a chat app using pubnub services. If you want a private chat with each one customer and not a group chat then for each customer the channel I believe should be different . You have to try it and see how it works. Besides PubNub there are other options for example like firebase

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yes, but all the tutorials show a chat app with firebase, however, it is public. could you help me create a private one? I could pay you 2 euros paypal if you help me create it

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