Create Country List with Flags & ISD Codes


How can we create country code list with ISD codes& Flag images as shown in attached image.

Kindly guide.


You can put the Listview Image & Text in a custom layout dialog. Maybe that works

Thanks for reply.

Whether any extension available or I have to create this list manually by adding country flag images & ISD codes or any other idea?

Maybe you can convert some JSON code into an array and then with foreach fill the list

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Thanks for the idea.

I have got some hints by googling but don’t know coding too much. Please refer below links and if possible just give some example of code to integrate this feature in List view control. && for India

I found this list

This list don’t includes the flag images but I also want flag images along with country codes in the list.

However, I will try to create this list by using json code and get back here if I have any further query.

Do it like this then


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