Create Deep Links to App Content

Hello community!
I am trying to “Create Deep Links to App Content”. I want that when they click on a url of my domain it opens in the web viewer of my application.
Can someone help me implement it?
Thank you

Did you solve this problem?

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just give your domain I will build and give u the deep link extension for your domain

Try this use https or http in scheme and yourdomain in host then download your extension. Use “get start value” block in your app .

this does not work.

I think only “” will work with it and you don’t have to do anything in block section if you want to just open your app while visiting your domain. Deeplink doesn’t support “” etc so just use your domain

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my domain is please build it for me

Please add that line in deeplink extension

Without adding this we are unable to publish any app which are using this deeplink extension on Google playstore

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