Create demo version of application

Guys, how my apps are created for learning purposes is a question. How to restrict access to certain features. One example is Avast Mobile Security’s antivirus. For modules like Performance Center, Secure VPN Connection has a padlock icon. Clicking on the icon asks if I want to subscribe to the premium package and be free from ads. Does anyone have an example of how this is done?

It’s not that much hard to implement.

Just follow these :

  1. When user click on a feature, check the account status for that user.
  2. If user is on premium plan then allow grant the access.
  3. If not a premium user then shows a dialogue or arrangement contains 3 buttons ( one for purchase plan and one for watch ad and one for exit/back.

From what I understand it would be like this and based on my app:
When registering, he will have a Free Account and with the message or advertisement he can have all the resources by subscribing to a Premium Account and be without ads.
If he doesn’t want to, the resources are blocked. So far so good, my question is:

  1. Suppose he comes to buy, which payment channel can he make this payment?
  2. How do I know who paid and when I can release access?
  3. How to release these accesses?
    Maybe it’s a little confusing, but those would be the questions.

You will define that based on which platform is most convenient for you, both for you and for the users.

Many platforms provide APIs that you can use to obtain a payment response, data that you will then have to store in a DB to validate the subscribed user.

Depending on the previous validation, enable or disable the relevant settings of your app.