Create GIF animated. Extension

Hello friends,

with this extension we can create an animated GIF by adding static images.


  • Start : Output file name. Example: /mnt/sdcard/my_gif.gif
  • SetRepeat: Sets the number of times the set of GIF frames should be played. Default is 1; 0 means play indefinitely. Must be invoked before the first image is added.
  • AddFrame: Adds next GIF frame. The frame is not written immediately, but is actually deferred until the next frame is received so that timing data can be inserted. Invoking ‘Finish’ flushes all frames. Example: /mnt/sdcard/animales/gato.png
  • SetDelay: Sets the delay time between each frame, or changes it for subsequent frames, applies to last frame added.
  • Finish: Flushes any pending data and closes output file.
  • CopyAssets: Copy all files .png, .jpg and .gif from asset to dir. Example: /mnt/sdcard/my_directory
  • I have not used the block: SetTransparent.

This extension is an adaptation of:

p193C_crear_gif_animado.aia (32.5 KB)

You can get com.KIO4_GifEncoder.aix file from:

More extensions:

Juan A. Villalpando.


Excellent work dude.keep this work.very essential extention

super update

nice work Appreciated,

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Share your test Apk

My .aia file in first post:
p193C_crear_gif_animado.aia (32.5 KB). Build to apk.

I know but this is big process
To download,import,make apk.
And it may take about 15min
And very big problem is that every time we not have my Pc to export Apk.:yum:


Here .apk: p193C_crear_gif_animado_CopyAsset.apk (3.6 MB)