Create Images of Components and Screens | [FREE] Extension ComponentToImage

Thank you so much peter You are really very helpful person.

Friend, how can I use extension on ASD folder in android 9 version without permission?

On Android version>=10 the image will be saved in ASD by the extension, but for below versions it will be in root of external storage, you may need to save the file to ASD in those android versions by your own method

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how can i show in gallery, after saving it. bcz its no showing in gallery.
i am using android 10.
[NOTE: same the blocks has been used that you were display in sample blocks ]

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To show in gallery you need to copy or move the file to shared folder.
I think moving to pictures folder may work


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Not working right now. The created event is not responding

How do you know that? What android version are you using? Did you use the latest version of the extension?

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Is it possible to save the screenshot to App-specific directory in all android versions not only android 10, so we dont need to ask for permissions to write external storage?

Create Images of Components and Screens | [FREE] Extension ComponentToImage - #105 by Jerin_Jacob


There is a block in your file extension.

But I couldnt figure out how to combine it with component to image extension or screenshot blocks. How can we do that?

By the way I appreciate you and the things you have done so for. We fixed a lot of problems just with the help of you and your extensions. Thank you very much really. you are a legend in app inventor/kodular world.

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I never used the component to image extension… sorry, I can’t help…
probably someone else does have an idea?
meanwhile you might want to show us your relevant blocks…


Do that extension works on Android 12?
And do that extension works with canvas component?

Yes it should

Buddy not working for me

If you are posting more detailed explanation, I can look into it.

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Hello my friend
I’m using this blocks:
But the canvas don’t set the imagem component

I tried on Android 12 and really, don’t work in any case

Show your blocks so that we can help u out

Use the Canvas.SaveAs method to save the canvas