Create List with CheckBox


I know that my question may be stupid for some of you but I watched a lot of videos and search on Internet to find the solution… but I’m still confused :confused:

What kind of components do I need to make this kind of screen

I try to create each part with an arrangement but I’m not sure it’s the good way :confused:
I suppose it is listview but not sure as I wonder how to add a checkbox in it…
I will also need to add something like this but I really don’t know how and with what kind of components

Can someone help me, I’m in pain to understand how to organize my screens…

Try use Dynamic component extension by @yusufcihan.
I changed the post title

Did you search the Components palette to see if it exists?
Did you ask how to do it with Checkbox, now also with these Components?
2 things … Or more ?

Hello @Rogerio_Rios,

I actually use this extension and want to create the screen dynamically with this extension but for that I need to know what kind of component I have to create :confused:
I already serach the palette but didn’t find something very close to (except ListView with Image and text but don’t understant how to place components on the right side (checkbox, image,…)
I suppose a component already exists to create such thing (colored text for part title, normal label, grayed subtitle,…)

you just need to create a dynamic horizontal arrangement, in which an image, a label(for some text if you want) and a checkbox
you can refer to this aia file(I had created this for timepass) may this help you
Checklist.aia (222.9 KB)

Thanks a lot I’ll try this :slight_smile:

EDIT : @Soham_Shah, what I don’t understand is that if I only create an horizontal Arrangement and place my pictures, labels and checkbox into it, while clicking the arrangement, the click is not working if I touch the inside components (checkbox, labels or picture). Ok I can set the clickable property to true for these component but by this way, I have a “touch feedback” on each component and I have to manage a click method for each !
Here is my actual work and next to it the explanation of the composition

I’d like to have the following kind of behavior (the whole arrangement is clickable (even if some componenet are inside)

Sorry, it’s hard to explain clearly what I need and what I observe.
By the way thanks for your kindly help :slight_smile:

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Is the technic is to overlap the horizontal arrangement (with components inside it) with an other empty horizontal arrangement of the same size and make it clickable ?? :roll_eyes:
(just read this : How to overlap components?)

To make an arrangement full clickable, you can either use cardview and set full clickable property to true and set elevation to 0 to make it like an arrangement