Create new folder, upload file into it, and display in app

how to make an app that user can create a new folder and upload files into it, and display it in app, basicly like file manager or file bank. please help me for my schoolar task

Please show what you have tried and where the problem is.

what kind of files? images, video, audio, text, other?
use the file component, alternatively in csae it is necessary use SAF SAF: App Inventor implementation of Storage Access Framework depending on Some basics on Android storage system


ive tried this using activity starter and web component. the problem is when i upload the second file, the first file that i uploaded disappear, and cannot make a new name and list
any other way to make it work ?

pdf file, if iam not wrong file component doesnt support pdf file

You say that the first file is uploaded correctly, but when uploading the next one it is overwritten or the upload is blocked, did you try changing the name PDF_NAME.pdf

its overwriten, i want the name automaticly follow the name of the pdf file, not changing manually on the block

Replace this
by the pdf file name


but can it be just automaticly follow the name of pdf file ? not manually chenge from the block.
i want user can upload the pdf, not me

Yes of couse
The pdf name you can find inside your global variable fileSource together with the path…
What about extracting the filename from there to replace your static text PDF_NAME.pdf?

An example how to get the filename see my jukebox example from here App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps


it has to be extracted from file path, then we can get file name, it actually works ! thanks a lot taifun.

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