Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF

I do not see a “finish” block, which is needed to close the pdf once created. You will see this in the aia / instructions provided

it was enable then i tried with both state it didnt worked. idid not found pdf file in storage.

These are app inventor blocks, but they show how to do this:

The “10” blocks will target the application specific directory

not working this tooo

Looking at your screenshot again, you appear to be using two different KIO4_PDF extensions at the same time ?

Download the latest version of the extension from here, and only use that extension. You may need to remove the existing extensions first, and refresh your companion and project in order to tidy up before installing the latest extension.

I am getting pdf in image component .But not as pdf file .Even that path does not show pdf file …Now how can I get that file

That is how the extension displays the pdf.

The file should be in your ASD folder as shown.

As u can see path doesn’t show pdf file …I checked but no file found …Even i don’t found companion folder.

What are you doing to display the path to the file?
If you are just using the ASDPath block, then what it shows is correct.
You will need to use another method to display the files inside the ASD.
The file is there, because the block ReadPDF10 is showing it in the image component.

using asd path block from aix itself.

I tried the 2 demo aias. None of them are working.
I get this error message when screen initialize:

Same thing when I use the extension in another project created to test the extension

Go to project settings and see if min SDK is set


It wasn’t.
I am tired to know about this bug when import project, and still I forgot.
Thanks a lot, Dora :heart_eyes:


How to make memorization be in a new file every time instead of what is one file and it is renewed

It will be my fault but all these extensions don’t work for me and above all the demos don’t even work for one

most probably file storage issue… you can’t store files in arbitrary directories anymore… see also Some basics on Android storage system

what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


so please @TimAi2 what another method to display the files?

I am exporting in PDF using this KIO4_Pdf extension, but I am not sure what value to indicate for the A4 sheet format
(210 x 297mm)


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thank you! It is exactly what I needed

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