Create search Bar using schema data in dynamic components

I am trying to create search bar using of schema data, but i show error.
also i am using remove id for exacting created list delete, but i fill its not work.
pls guide me.


but when i use simple list view components it works fine.

blocks - 2024-04-12T174417.148

i find in community for search bar using schema data but not show any guide or help.

pls help me. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::pray::pray:

Did you check if your Schema is Right? I Cannot see anything wrong

@Holmsync my schema is correct, its work when i create a list, but it get error when i use search bar.
i think remove id not work


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@Gaston Thanks its work :sparkling_heart::pray:. but it load data very slow, everytime when textbox text changes, screen stuck and load after 3-4 sec.
any alternative method for fast loading.

and when i click any list, it show by default value not show search list { if list by default value 5 and when i search then it comes at 1 but when click its show by default 1 value.}

pls guide. :sparkling_heart::pray:

One thing in my experience using the dynamic components extension with schema making a listing does have some problems like getting slower.
When there are like 5 or 10 data it more or less loads it, but when there is a lot of data it becomes slow.

I can recommend doing a kind of pagination, so that each page shows about 5 or 8 pieces of information.
And for the search bar, make something like a Google browser, a text field and a button that says search.

Do something like this when you write something in the search engine that does not do it automatically, since for example if you have 20 pieces of information that may contain the same character, those 20 pieces of information will be seen.
So to optimize it a little, place a button to do the search and if you find any results, show it.

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As @tabastea mentions, there are many ways to optimize the results, it all depends on your logic, a progressive loading could work.
If the schemas are complex, it takes time to create them all together.
You should evaluate according to your requirement, maybe it is best to use list view image and text