Create Select in SQLite


I would like to create a select using 2 Text box, ie create a select Example:

Select name from varietals where species = ‘bird’ and color = ‘black’

I don’t know how to create using this SQLite box.


can you help me?

I know from SQL the problem is how to mount the blocks. The user will fill in 2 fields that will be the species and color filters

Ah yes. You already know SQL commands. OK :+1:

Click or pause the cursor on the block and it will show you what each parameter is.

Have you already done this?

Look :point_down: This


Executes pre-compiled QUERY statement with specified parameters. Parameters: 1) String table: Name of the table. 2) YailList columns: List of which columns to return, passing an empty list will return all columns. 3) String selection: Filter declaring which rows to return, formatted as an SQL WHERE clause, passing an empty string will return all rows. 4) YailList selectionArgs: List with the arguments that will replace onto ‘?’ in the selection filter. 5) String groupBy: A filter declaring how to group rows, formatted as an SQL GROUP BY clause (excluding the GROUP BY itself), passing an empty string will cause the row to not be grouped. 6) String having: A filter declare which row groups to include if row grouping is being used, passing an empty string will cause all row groups to be included. 7) String orderBy: How to order the rows, formatted as an SQL ORDER BY clause (excluding the ORDER BY itself), passing an empty string will use the default sort order (unordered). 8) String limit: Limits the number of rows returned by the query, formatted as LIMIT clause, passing an empty string denotes no LIMIT clause. The result query is available in the AfterQuery event handler

callSQLite ▼.Querytablecolumnsselectionselection Argsgroup Byhavingorder Bylimit

table Text
columns List
selection Text
selection Args List
group By Text
having Text
order By Text
limit Text

If it’s a paid extension, have you asked for support?

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