Create Tik Mark when select a Image or video in Dynamic card view

Something Like -

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Yes similar tikmark but can it create in card view?

that’s already in CardView. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please advised how to create tikmark

Please discuss how to create it

it’s easy you will need 3 things -

  1. Dynamic CardView
  2. Dynamic Image
  3. Floating View - Extension

And run a Procedure similar to -

blocks (4)


if the Main Component is Clicked for the 1st time then -

This Procedure First creates a Dynamic CardView.
Then a Dynamic Image inside the Dynamic CardView.
Finally the Floating View Extension moves the created Dynamic CardView along with Dynamic Image to the desired Gravity of the Main Component.
Gravity Value -

if the Main Component is Clicked for the 2nd time then -
it Deletes the Created Dynamic CardView and Dynamic Image indide it.


Great guide @ADDYLIN :heart:

Actually it’s not a Guide. :sweat_smile:

ThankYou for your Appriciation.

You can do as said by @ADDYLIN.

If you don’t want to use extension, you can do as follows:


Edit: I made a mistake at first. :zipper_mouth_face:


Hey can u provide the apk also :grin: so everyone 1st try and make it :grin:

if it was for @golumaths100
then also share me the .aia of your solution. :sweat_smile: :grin:

else if it was for me

Try my Notes App it’s implimented their.

This Sounds Contradictory to your first statememt. :joy:

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I was also confused at first. But yeah, if it was for me then here’s the AIA file. It’s just a basic app which will clear your logic. :sweat_smile:

example1.aia (49.1 KB)

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Haha LOL … :grin::joy:

floating view extention where I get?

Search in Community.


i Edited this Post -
[ Removed CardView Blocks, they were not necessary for your case ]

Edit - they were very necessary :joy:

so at First I couldn’t understand the main components in floating view (overlap view blocks)…at your first suggesion…

So now you got it :slightly_smiling_face:,
or i need to explain/explain again :upside_down_face:.

I try to got it…but how dismis tikmark again click… so what can i do?

how to dimiss tikmark when again click