Create Wave layout in Kodular

Sure @themaayur, but for Ui and some tricky method realted post
I’m creating app for it so that everyone can reach it easily


Congratulations @nikzdreamer2001 One question: if we create a .png .jpeg .svg (an image in a Paint.Net image editor for example) and put it as a screen or vertical image, will it work? I have doubts because the apps will run on different screen sizes.

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Thank you so much…

If you create png,jpeg of wave only then it will work but i’m not sure about padding inside arrangement so must check that first

but i suggest to use svg because it provides good pixel quality…
and according to the extension i used it will help you to use overlapping in cool way…
i’ll create topic on that ASAP.

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one of the cool idea is creating wavy image backgroud with color filter

OK thank you. I asked because I really admire a well-made UI. As I already mentioned here on the forum, I am still trying to grow in this “front end” area. I made some png and put it in the bottom of an app, mad only after I had this question about different screen sizes. I will follow the .svg tip.

Would you like to try this?

you can say its fun with wave challenge:joy::joy:

Yes. I like UI a lot. Since my first software made in a non-graphical environment (before windows), made in Clipper 5 I was concerned with my screen layouts. I was able to put a screen background with special characters from the ASCII table and thus shade the programs’ screens.

WaveLayout.apk (5.3 MB)

hey guys how’s this??

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Really helpful guide /resources. Keep it up​:hugs:

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thanks you so much @msr79526
also check this…

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really amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks you much @mihacker41

Btw when you are going to pay your challenge money :sweat_smile::joy::joy:

sent me international payment link , (Payoneer)

by the way is support for animation svg ??

No it will not with this method…
but I have one methods but not tried as my laptop has gone for repair…

how you do that…can u pm me?

I have never tried that just have an idea…

Just use animation utils and webview…

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i was looking for this type of site… thanks for sharing. Loved the app and extension BTW

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I tried this and it works perfect!
I have it now on top of app, but also want it on bottom of app, but then I had to rotate it and used this site to rotate. But the rotated svg file wont show in app, any idea why?

Here’s the blocks I’ve tried, but only first load and show inside app

EDIT: Guess there are something wrong with my app, cuz I tried same thing on a new app, and it works. No idea why it’s not showing in main app :thinking: