Create Weather Application using Kodular Premiere!

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Hey I have Created Weather Application using Kodular
hope you will enjoy it !
If any Confusion Comment !

My Channel Link - YouTube

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How show weather in my app
(Furina) #2

Can u share sceenshoots?

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(Mobile Tech) #3

Of video or blocks.?

(Franck G) #4


Thanks for the tutorial, it’s work fine !
But the problem is that, when there is no rain, the “rain” attribute does’nt exist with this api, so the app crash because of this.

Does someone know how to fix this ? / How to detect if the rain attribute exist ?

Thanks !

(Vishal) #5

can you share the api link, so i can check on my system, if it works then i will let you know.

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(Developer Tech) #6

Instead of rain there should be other

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(Franck G) #7

It’s this api : Current weather data - OpenWeatherMap

(Developer Tech) #8

There is option for rain too

(Franck G) #9

? I use the “rain” attribute, but it doesn’t exist when there is no rain, so it cause an error that crash the app

(Developer Tech) #10

Do …
If condition to check .
If contains text == json
Piece == rain

Json attribute rain

(Franck G) #11

Yes, this is what i want to do, but there is no block to verify if the attribute exist !

(Red Panda Apps) #12

Are you guys interested in an Open Weather Map extension? Because when Weather Underground stopped providing API keys, I thought about creating an extension for Open Weather Map, but I dropped it, because nobody seemed interested in such an extension

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(Developer Tech) #13

If contains text == Ur json variable…
Piece == rain
It works try

(Newtron Malayalam) #14

Yes, I realy want this. Can you make one?