Created With Kodular


I loved this app creator website. Looks like I have lots of work ahead migrating my apps to this platform.

Since I am using package rename, in-app purchases, Admob, and lots of other components, I am assuming Kodular gonna take a hefty 37% of my earnings. And since my app is not free on Google Play, I would like to have the option of removing the “about this application - created by Kodular”. I don’t want my users to know what platform I am using.

So is it possible if you consider having the option to remove it?


The only way to do this for the moment is to uncheck this property :
It will disable this image So there is no way to access to the About dialog

But you won’t be able to use the 3-dot menu.

PS : Even if i always hide this dialog because of his design and his lack of customization, i always add Credits to Kodular in my own credit dialog/screen

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You want to be considered a professional coder using Android Studio? Why?

Make your own title bar having a three dot menu and in this way you can hide that text.

Not having the option to remove doesn’t stop you for finding a way to hide it.

However, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter which platform you’ve used and whether your users know it or not once the result app is what you “dreamed of”.

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Actually you can.
The best way is to remove three dots on which it is shown. For this do following:

  1. Click on screen.
  2. Here ‘Show Option Menu’ is checked.
  3. Uncheck it.


Now it is not shown.

[NOTE: Use side menu to create menu if you want.]