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I am trying to create a Band/Artist music app, with a few pages and a music player to play the bands music
I have been trying with the music players but so far i have not found it possible to set up anything that will actually play anything, I have also tried to upload my music to no avail.
Please does anyone have an idea how i can get the music players to work, i have tried the documentation but it is blank,
How can i set up a page with a list of songs or a list of albums by an artist with any of the music players ?
Please help as i would love to make a few band apps.
Thank you.

Show your blocks

Thank you but i have not got as far as programing yet i am still just trying to design the first page.
I have tried to add a music player but i really do not know how to make any of them work and there are no instructions in the documentation, the documentation is blank for the players.
I do not have a clue how to create a player for the music or how to best store the music if it was a few albums.
starting to think building a band app is not really possible as it is too much storage and i have no idea how i will ever get a player with a playlist in an app, I will just have to shelve this as a stupid idea and try and build something else that is not so complicated.
Thank you

This is not impossible, others people have done it already.
If I understood you correctly, you are totally new on Kodular / App Inventor and that’s why you can’t do anything.

What I suggest you to do is: Learn how to use the the builder first. Then you try make this band music app.

For example, these tutorials will help you to lear how to use basic components. May be after some videos you will be able to create your app.
PS: About the blank documentation, it is really a problem, I suffer with that myself. What I do is open this link and look for the component I want to know more about: Components - App Inventor for Android

Thank you very very much for the components link @almeidapablo it has changed everything
I have built 3 simple apps with the tutorials so far, i am learning a lot and much faster than i thought i would at first try, i am doing all the tutorials on the App inventor 2 website to get better practice.
Your link to the components has answered most of my questions especially about the media components, I think i will be able to program a band app within a few weeks.
I do appreciate your help

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Happy to know your progress with this platform. :slight_smile:

If you are satisfied with @almeidapablo answer then you can mark it as a solution, so any other member with similar query will get his/her answer quickly.

And again, all the luck with your band app :+1:

if you searched on the community, you will find some music player projects, mine is one of them. take a look at this topic, maybe this will help with some logic.

Thank you very much

I have found some Spanish videos on youtube that is very useful to me.

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