Creating an app for wix website

Hi, I have a wix website I am building currently. I would like to have an android app for my website too. For example, the app should display the blog posts, notifications etc in my website, press some buttons, get notifications whenever a new blog post is made etc. Anyway to do this?

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Use push notification in your app to show notice & Data base to show your data…

Uh… that’s not what I meant. I need the notifications to be triggered when a new blog post has been made display the posts etc

You are asking for a complete solution. Just pick one piece of what you like and try what is possible. When you tried something and it doesn’t work we can help you maybe.


Yeah…I came to know something about Wix API (Corvid)… I don’t know much about API integration. I know we can press buttons on a webpage using Taifun’s solution, I just wanted to know if I can use the API to click buttons etc​:sweat_smile: