Creating an App with one Gmail ID and Monetizing with Another

I have created an app from one Gmail id in kodular and monetize it with another Gmail id and have uploaded to the google console from the same id. Will the app show ads?? Actually it is not showing the ads and is this the reason??

Yes you can create app in one account & export to other account & yes you can place ads in app on other account. There may be other reason for ad not showing.

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Gmail Id does not matters.
You just only need Ad Id whether it is from your account or other account.

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Thank you for your information.
But what else can be the reason for not showing the ads??
I have given the add unit. Everything is fine in test mood but whenever I upload the app in store and someone run the application the message pops outs saying the apps unit and ads size size should be set before. Any solution, please. Here is my .aia file of the app
Results_.aia (3.8 MB)

This problem is with other users too you can search releated topics may be you can find solution.