Creating Backpacks to Increase Project Efficiency

Hello everyone!

I believe that the vast majority of the System’s slowness must be known when we insert blocks of blocks in our projects. Of course, it depends a lot on the configuration of each machine.

Question: Would it be possible for Kodular to make it possible to create Subfolders like the one that already exists in the Viewer so that we could place our Blocks or some of them in these Subfolders so as not to overload the capacity of our development?

Forgive me if the question is absurd or unwise.

The objective would be, just like the existing Blocks in the Backpack, the non-interference in the efficiency and agility of our development.

When we exported, Kodular would put the “New Backpacks” Blocks in play so that we could compile them automatically.

Would this bring us any positive results in terms of efficiency?

I would like to do that.
Would this increase the agility of my System and our development?

Read This Documentation :

That was their question.

Thanks for responding, but that’s not what I want. I would like to be able to create backpacks to store part of my blocks and isolate them there so that the construction of my project is more agile.

Can you understand?

I do understand but …I dont know :sweat_smile: