Credit Card App UI Concept

Credit Card app (Concept)

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I got inspired from a UI in dribble and made this in Kodular using some extensions and finally, this is how it looks




:open_file_folder: AIA -Credit_card_UI.aia (89.6 KB)

:open_file_folder: Apk - Credit_card_UI.apk (5.3 MB)

Extensions used

:hammer_and_wrench: KIO4โ€™s Gradient Extension

:hammer_and_wrench: @Sumit1334โ€™s FlipView Extension


@Jaxparrow your UI is looking awesomeโ€‹:+1:

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Nice uiโ€‹:heart_eyes:.keep koading

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Nice app :grin::grin:

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Thanks for your comments


Well @Jaxparrow , do you know that the idea of โ€‹โ€‹making flip extension came to me by looking at my bankโ€™s debit card and today you have created this concept


CRED Lite :sweat_smile:, buy the way awesome UI

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Sorry from my side for what I did. But, keep this thread clean.

The UI looks great

Which listview are you using?

It is not a list view and It is a nested vertical / horizontal arrangements. You can use dynamic components to do that dynamically.

Ah ok. Thank you for the response.

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