Crickker - The Cricket App (Paid AIA)

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Crickker - The Cricket App

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Enjoy and follow Cricket with real-time updates, rich content, fast and much more.

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:zap: Superfast scores and commentary
:zap: Auto Live Score Update
:speech_balloon: Highly engaging and entertaining ball-by-ball commentary
:bell: Notifications for live matches
:date: Schedule of Completed Series or Tournament
:date: Schedules of upcoming matches
:date: Schedules of upcoming series
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Series wise point table and rankings
:earth_africa: Extensive coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL, CPL, T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments across the world with domestic matches coverage also.
β€’ Tournament or Series Venues with Pictures
β€’ Full Matches Details - Squads, Umpires, Venues - all the information you need about ongoing matches.
β€’ And More

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Crickker.apk (6.9 MB)

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  • Test APK uploaded

  • Removed Auto Score Update

  • Added Swipe Refresh Layout to update score

Auto update is better…

we have to buy the api or its free
and what are its user limitations please explain thses parameters

I have used to two API in which first is totally free and second has 100 hits/day limitation for free.

When I used auto update the app stop for few seconds.

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the one which is free has no limitations at all ?
and how much second one costs after its limitation reached .

Ok… Your App Looks very cool…

If API have more than 100 Hits/days then API can be upgraded to 4 plans :

  • $5.99/mo - 1000 hits/day
  • $9.99/mo - 10,000 hits/day
  • $39.99/mo - 100,000 hits/day
  • $60.00/mo - No limit

I have used this api in one screen only.


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