Critical Reasoning (live streaming)

I have been thinking on how to make a live streaming app using firebase and airtable. For every app there is a trick on how to go about it. Please can we all put our heads together and see if it is possible.
Only the teacher can stream while the student will watch and ask questions i.e audio will be needed. Let the challenge begins.

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Ya you can do that… But You have to take help from YouTube for that live stream…
I already tried that. & it’s works for me…

Please can you share the link, and how you did it.

Please share your idea.

I use YouTube & blog to make that app… Currently I don’t have that project…
So I can tell you the idea that how can you do tha

Ok. Is it possible to use video component, firebase and airtable. I don’t want to use YouTube it is an in app features both user’s must have the app installed. Then the teacher starts the video

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Ya but live is not possible only you can share videos.
Here you can check once

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