CRUD spreadsheet "search"

Hi everyone, I just made crud with a spreadsheet database (google sheet).

I have two questions please:

  1. The “Save” button saves the data correctly but when I enter the “ID” to search for a record, some TextBox does not show what is saved but a date form (Fri May 05 2023 00:00:00 GMT +0100…).
    Why and how to correct.

  2. In another screen, when I save a date in the TextBox as “dd-mm-yyyy” (example: 02-04-2012), it is saved correctly in the database. But when I search by “ID”, the textbox for that date shows me the date like this (Fri May 05 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0100…).
    What to do to have, by searching, the same form of registration “dd-mm-yyyy”?

Thank you for all.

I think this is your google sheet fault. Because google sheet store data by category.
If you try to store 03000000000 than it will automatically replace it with 3000000000.

Just change the spreadsheet setting to text plan for all cells

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Thanks Muhammad Zain.

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