CRUD Spreadsheet

I want to ask, I just made crud with a spreadsheet database, to create it up to the update it’s smooth but there’s a struggle with the delete function
So when the delete button is clicked it actually deletes all the data in the list view even though only 1 data should be deleted and the data in the spreadsheet is not deleted. How do you solve it or maybe do you think I have an error?
Screenshot 2022-12-29 20.01.50
Screenshot 2022-12-29 20.01.07

for crud there is an already better guide is there along wih script code (@TimAi2 guide)

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thankyou, but if I have a lot of data, which part of the script should I change or modify?

in this guide

especially for delete… But remeber, to delete the data based on this guide, it needs the ID as shown in the guide (i mean from col A data as ref for ID)

ya, i have ID in my spreadsheet but where i can replace my ID in this script

sorry I’m very newbie in programming

Just copy down the whole code under the delete function given in the guide into your script code, deploy with new version, paste into your app and test it

okay thankyou, once again if I have 2 input data that must be different so they don’t double, how do I write the script? example data id and access code

You mean you want to stop entering the duplicate? As per crud, I’d is generated in the sheet itself upon pushing new values into the sheet.

(To stop the duplicate entry need to search in google for any script )

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