Cryptocurrency chart

Hi. I need an application on cryptocurrencies to complete the class. I have to make a chart on which there will be 5 currencies with variable data (when the value of the currency gasps, the chart will change immediately) and notifications will appear when the chart is sleeping or rising, but I don’t really know how to do it. Anyone have any idea how to do this?

Welcome to the community. Is this related to … ?

Not exactly, but when I find the api file and manage to leave the label so that it is displayed, I will simply download the data to the chart from these labels and make a notification. Thanks for help in case of problems, I know on which page to ask for advice and help ^^

Did you asked above question in MIT’s community ?

not yet but i think it is a good idea. If there is a problem, I will definitely write to MIT’s community and here to get answer

I only asked because I thought you were the same person and you can ask questions only in creator’s that you use community.
As for charts you can use