CSS Animator Make 2.0 - Easier to make animated intro

For along time, finally i have finish my project. The big gift for everybody. This is the next version of CSS Animator Maker and it’s more Powerful.



  • Full Name: CSS Animator Maker 2.0
  • Platform can use: All Drag & Drop Platform
  • Current Version: 2.0.3


  • 07/07/2019
    Version : 2.0.3

    • Add more layouts.
    • Now you can add your logo into intro.
  • 01/07/2019
    Version : 2.0.2

    • Fixed bug: cannot decrease font-size on some devices


Watch video bellow to know what app can do ^^


Software will help you save time in designing beautiful logo or motion banner with CSS and HTML. You just need to download, go to the software, customize as you like, then put those files into your project and use them.

The main options in the software:

  • Change content with whatever content you want.
  • Optional font style: Bold, italic, underlined.
  • Change the color of the text.
  • Change the font size to small and arbitrary.
  • Change the background color.
  • Change the background color of the text.
  • Selecting motion effects: There are more than 50 motion effects such as swaying, running from left to right, right out, falling from above, bouncing effect … spoiled for choice.

After customizing, you will save the following files:

  • File animate.css: Contains all motion effects.
  • HTML file: Design framework file you have customized.
  • FIle aix: File extension for taking the file path from assets (This extension are taifun tools extension)

How to use these files I have thoroughly guided inside the software. You can easily do it.


In another forum you said you app was made in AppyBuilder. This category is only for apps made with Kodular.


But this tool i made for all people. Everybody can use this tool for their project. Not only for kodular…

I know. I changed the category for now. Could you show with some images that the result from your app also works in Kodular?


Thanks so much. You can watch overview video to see clearly. In that video, i got app inventor (basic of drag & drop) to tell about my app can use for every drag & drop platform

You should remember that every builder these days is very different. Did you test your app in every builder? If not you should do that. Some builders made modifications to, for instance, the webviewer component so the result could look differently.

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I have tested on App Inventor, Kodular and Appybuilder…Everythings working well. ^^

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Maybe you should add that to your info section to :wink: Nice work.

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Thanks so much Peter :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Beautiful app. I found a bug, when trying to reduce the size of the text it increases the size of the text

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Did you try again and that bug come back?

I just checked and:
For me the - button does nothing until i click the + button twice, then the - button increases the size of the text.

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Ok, thank you. Let’s me check it.

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Ah, i found that. I just found that bug when i tested on my mother phone’s, and her phone’s has small display. I Will fix that soon. Thanks for your feedback :heart_eyes:

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  • 07/07/2019
    Version : 2.0.3
    • Add more layouts.
    • Now you can add your logo into intro.

If I export this final html animation and made apk does it comply with google play tos and doesn’t make any problems when i publish it there or it will be rejected ?

You can use this for any project with No problem.