CSS Animator Maker

Introduce my first application maked with makeroid

CSS Animator Maker

Update ver 1.0.3
Big Update:

  • Add English language
  • Add changer colors by silde RGB
  • Change layouts and theme for clearly.

Need help to correct my language translation
Someone can help me fix language correctly.
Here is my language file. Language.zip (9.4 KB)
Thanks a lot !:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

About my App
The software helps you create logos with beautiful animated effects that will make your software more professional using CSS and HTML. You can preview the logo of this software to know the effect of the software to do.

  • For those who know HTML and CSS code, the software will help you save a lot of time.

  • For those who do not know the HTML and CSS code, the software will be a powerful tool to help you easily create professional and eye catching LOGO.

The software has the following main features:

- Customize your logo as you like:

  • Enter your content, or brand name.
  • Change font style: Bold, italic, underline.
  • Change the font color.
  • Change font size.
  • Choose fonts (more than 50 beautiful fonts selected for you).
  • Change the background color.
  • Select motion effects (There are also more than 50 effects for you to choose.
  • Time to move.
  • Number of repetitions of motion.
  • Time delay starts moving.
  • Then you will all be saved as a zip file. You just have to upload the whole file into the asset of the project you are doing. Then use the section from webviewer to display the HTML file you just created can display your own Logo just created.

Sorry for my bad English.



Download :


I’m gonna set you on a challenge to make a desktop version.

:grin::grin::grin: i’m waiting for that

Would be nice to see an English version of this app.

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Ofcouse…I’ll add english in next version. But i need help to translate correctly