Csv file cteate error

Dear All
I try to create CSV file to read data from it but I have a issue this my blocks if anyone can supported me

You can’t store files in arbitrary directories anymore
Use shared storage or ASD

Please respect other people and their time… sending PM with the same question as well as posting the same in different threads is Spam.

thanks for mentioning that just i was looking for support and i was afraid of didn’t look to my post so that i sent to whom i expect to support me

offline.aia (34.3 KB)

Sorry, I’m not here to fix your project for you…
You will have to do it yourself

As the file component of Kodular is buggy, you should store the file in ASD…

See also


I try to understand put im, not professional could you support me if that’s available

Follow the links and understand the file limitations, then try something and if you got stuck, post a new screenshot of your relevant blocks